Coming Soon: 2016 Best Vendors Lists

2016 was one crazy year. But work didn’t stop. So you have another year’s worth of experiences with customers and partners to share. Today, VendOp begins compiling its second annual Best Vendors Lists. The deadline for consideration is January 31, 2017.

See The 2015 List

What companies can be considered a best vendor?

Any company that has been reviewed on VendOp is eligible. Lists will be categorized by service or industry. Winners will be chosen based on review data points and a quality scoring evaluation. Basic criteria for a company to be considered for the Best Vendor List requires at least 15 reviews from customers in the U.S.

Is there a cost to get on the best vendor list?

There’s no cost. But you do need to have reviews of your company on VendOp. The more, the better. And the better, the better.

How do I get reviews of my company?

Ask customers to submit a review because it helps other customers find you. Send them a link to your VendOp profile page where they can leave a review.

Copy and paste something this in your email:

This is a link to our profile on VendOp. If you leave your feedback there, it will help other customers find us. It’s easy to do and you can be anonymous.

How do I find my company on VendOp?

If you haven’t claimed your company profile, find it first here: Find My Company

What are the deadlines?

All reviews must be submitted by January 31, 2017. The list will be announced on this page, our blog and Twitter in February.

Where can I find the previous list?

Look back at the best vendors from 2015 at /best-vendor/2015/.

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