Best Practices for Using VendOp

When you share your reviews, you have an opportunity to share your story with millions of people all over the world.

This guide is intended to help our community get the most out of VendOp.

What to do

  • Do share informative and accurate reviews
    Upload precise, informative and elaborate reviews rather than vague content
  • Reviews should be of B2B companies you have partnered with or of a company that you have used throughout your career (Business to Business companies). The review must provide enough information to demonstrate that you have actually used the vendor.
  • Only review companies which you have used at work for a business purpose and have had direct interaction with their product / services while performing your job function.

Please remember, VendOp is for ratings and reviews—so use your account to share your experiences with vendors, not to sell things.

  • Do create a transparent and authentic identity
    As a company, being open and trustworthy encourages people to interact with you. Here’s how to start on the right path:
    • Add your logo and fill out details on your profile so people know who you are and can find you on VendOp.
    • Set up your company link to help inquiring customers reach you.
    • Add no price information or sales-y verbiage to your company profile.

Still unclear, who to review? Here are some examples to help:

  • Digikey because you ordered electrical components from them
  • Protomold because you used them to make your prototypes
  • Duracell because they make custom battery packs for your company
  • Dell because you negotiated an exclusive business deal to receive discounted equipment and services from them

What else should I know?

  • Familiarize yourself with the VendOp Community Guidelines
    It’s not just you—all members on VendOp, whether they are an organization or a person—have to abide by the Community Guidelines.
  • Engage thoughtfully with other members
    Before you leave a review or comment think whether that member or set of members will find your behavior unethical, spam-like, or sales-y.
  • Reviews and Likes are a great way for members to share ratings and their experiences on a common platform. If you write a review, respect the rights of members by being authentic in what you write

We’ve created these guidelines to help you participate and have a rewarding experience on VendOp.

If you ever have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line at