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Boeing employees have used VendOp for reading reviews of new suppliers VendOp is used by Boston Scientific to source new vendors VendOp is part of the Genentech sourcing process Johnson & Johnson uses VendOp for their sourcing and procurement needs The best electric cars are manufactured by Tesla. Tesla leverages VendOp manufacturing reviews when they research new vendors
Cisco employees use VendOp to find the best suppliers Reading supplier manufacturing reviews on VendOp helps Philips make smarter sourcing decisions Finding new suppliers is hard! Stryker uses VendOp to make it easier Smith & Nephew uses VendOp to find vendors to help manufacture their products B2B reviews on VendOp help Raytheon make better sourcing decisions

I've mainly used Peridot for prototyping purposes but they also do production. They have Swiss screw , laser cutting, laser welding, and machining capabilities. I use them for more complex ...

Metal CNC Machining Plastic CNC Machining Die-Cutting Wire EDM Grinding Laser Cutting Laser Marking Micro Machining Lathe Machining Swiss Screw Machining Metal Stamping Wire Forming Services Centerless Grinding

Typically, the shorter the lead time on the component order, the smaller your choice of materials, though they have shown the ability to be flexible and accommodate special requests on ...

3D Printing CNC Prototypes FDM - Fused Deposition Modeling Plastic Injection Molding SLA - Stereolithography SLS - Selective Laser Sintering - Metals Metal CNC Machining

Have utilized Surmodics service on multiple medical device projects mostly catheters, guidwires, and implant devices. We've only had a few issues with their coating service on some of our devices ...

Component Coating Services Surface Treatment Services Lubricants Chemicals

Our company uses Grizzly Industrial Inc. to purchase products that value our assembly process on the many medical devices we produce. They have high quality electronic parts that we use ...

Power Tools Welding Supplies & Systems

we use firstcut as one of our vendors for our prototyping service. they offer 3 distinct prototyping services each with specific descriptions. we used their firstcut service and when we ...

Plastic CNC Machining Metal CNC Machining CNC Prototypes SLA - Stereolithography SLS - Selective Laser Sintering - Metals Plastic Injection Molding Prototyping Silicone Rubber Molding Prototyping Metal Injection Molding Prototyping Dmls-Direct Metal Laser Sintering

We use sterigenics for sterilization for all of the medical devices that we manufacture in house. They have a wide range of sterilization techniques ranging from ETO, Gamma, and e-beam. ...

Gamma Sterilization E-Beam Sterilization ETO Sterilization (Ethylene Oxide)

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We have used Lake Region manufacturing as a vendor to provide us with delivery coils and guidewires for neurovascular purposes. The technology they use for their manufacturing process is second ...

Contract Assembly Wire Forming Services Mechanical Design Grinding Turn-key Manufacturing Component Machining & Assembly Wire

We have used Microgroup hypotube on various projects for medical devices and have been pleased so far of the raw material and quality of work that they have been able ...

Sinker EDM Metal Extrusion Laser Cutting Metal Tubing Wire Forming Services Contract Assembly Centerless Grinding Laser Welding MIG And TIG Welding

Cal weld specializes in welding on smaller devices and because of such we have been using them as a vendor to help us with our spot welding process in house. ...

Metal CNC Machining Plastic CNC Machining Electropolishing Orbital Welding MIG And TIG Welding

to house a sterilization facility is expensive and because our company is small and we try to stay as lean as possible, we outsource almost all of our sterilization services ...

E-Beam Sterilization Process Development X-Ray Sterilization ETO Sterilization (Ethylene Oxide) Sterilization Validation

Our R&D department use OT Precision to prototype out fixtures for testing and process improvement tooling.. They manufacture small medical component machined parts for our prototyping projects. Their engineered assistance ...

Metal CNC Machining Micro Machining Swiss Screw Machining Plastic CNC Machining Screw Machining

we have used solid concepts for medical manufacturing needs a few times this past year. For most of our projects with Solid concepts, it was to resolve issues that arose ...

3D Printing SLA - Stereolithography

VendOp In 70 Seconds

Discover millions of vendors across hundreds of industries, tagged by specialty and capability.

The customer service has been incredible. Everyone i have talked to has been very patient and accommodating to my needs. They definitely have a strong grasp and importance of the ...

Fasteners & Spacers Medical Components Syringes Valves Lab Equipment Pressure Sensors

I have 3 dual column Instron Mechanical testers in the R&D labs I manage. One is newly purchased and two are older models that have existed since Merlin Software. Once ...

Mechanical Testers Measurement Instruments Calibration Services Data Acquisition And Signal Conditioning Data Analytic Software

I would recommend using Westpak for all of your packaging testing needs. They have never let me down any of the dozens of times we have used them. We have ...

Packaging Testing Distribution Testing Leak Testing Shelf Life Age Testing Failure Analysis Mechanical Testing Reliability Testing Engineering Services

Every company has confidential files, data and hard drives, and what every company needs is a way to protect that information. Shred-it has provided our company with just that. They ...

Document Shredding Services Hard Drive Destruction

Great for small to medium size companies which do not want to do all the payroll and benefits themselves. Better options for very small companies, but in their size range, ...

Payroll & Benefits

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Aug. 2, 2016, 2:58 a.m.

3D printed mold tooling

Image from

Traditionally, the roles of 3D printing and injection molding have been clear. 3D printing is for making prototypes and injection molding is for high volume production runs. As 3D printing materials are getting better, a hybrid technique has been introduced to combine the two techniques. Now you can 3D print injection molds.

You will see 3D printing companies and some injection molders hailing the benefits of this technique while traditional injection molding companies are quick to point out the shortfalls. But what are the benefits and ...

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24 Steps To Make A Tennis Ball

July 26, 2016, 9:12 p.m.

Making Tennis Balls

A video showing Wilson tennis balls being made is going around the internet. I wanted to share it here as well. They say there are 24 different manufacturing processes. Let’s see how many of the different manufacturing steps we can identify. I’ll start with an easy one, 2:00 Die cutting of felt.

1 down, only 23 more to go…..

Leave a comment with time in video and the process!

2:00 Die Cutting ...

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Announcing VendOp Connect – See how you’re connected to potential suppliers

July 5, 2016, 5:16 p.m.

VendOp 2016-07-05 09-23-47

We received a lot of feedback from you, our users, that you would like to be able to see if you know anyone that has actually used the supplier before. We are excited to announce our beta of VendOp Connect (yes, I agree we need a better name). So how does it work?

First off, all of your suppliers are private. You choose who to share the information with. Only people you choose to connect with will be able to see your supplier list. You can add / remove vendors as well ...

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