How It Works

VendOp solves the challenge of finding, vetting and qualifying vendors and suppliers. No more endless Googling. No more casual, trade-show recommendations with million-dollar consequences. Whether you're a device manufacturer looking for an injection molding partner or an engineering firm looking for precision vises, you can now get quality, unbiased reviews from people who have been in your shoes.

A better way to search

Millions of vendors in hundreds of industries, tagged by location, specialty, certifications, capabilities and more.

Precise recommendations

Can this company do quick turnarounds? Custom jobs? Find reviews that address the qualities you are seeking.

High-quality reviews

The best of both worlds - anonymity, which enables frank reviews, plus a screening process that filters out the noise.

A two-way conversation

Vendors can leverage the power of reviews to build business, plus gain valuable insight into what their customers think.

Benefits of joining the VendOp community

  • Discover the perfect vendor that matches the services and capabilities you need
  • Know the strengths and weakness of a vendor without having to find out yourself
  • Know what previous customers think about the vendor prior to using
  • Learn about company‚Äôs past performances prior to signing contracts and committing scarce human and financial resources
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Why you should claim your VendOp listing

  • VendOp matches you with customers looking for your specific capabilities
  • Promote your brand to customers looking for your service
  • Showcase and share company descriptions and literature with your audience
  • Differentiate yourself from competition through the power of independent testimonials
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