Top Resources to Get Your Hardware Startup or Medical Device Company Off the Ground

3D Design Software (CAD Software)

SolidWorks - Professional Engineering CAD software. Many add-ons to for simulations and flow analysis

Pro/ENGINEER - now called PTC Creo Parametric

Autodesk - 2D and 3D software, Free Trial

OnShape - Cloud based 3D CAD Software, from the founders of SolidWorks

TurboCAD - Full featured CAD program that offers both Windows and Mac versions

DraftSight - Cheaper alternative for CAD software. Allows access to DWG files and creation of new files


CAD Model Libraries

Grabcad - Over 1 million free CAD files uploaded by users

TracePartsOnline - 2D and 3D CAD drawings and technical data free to download

3DContentCentral - From Dassault Systems, CAD models uploaded by both users as well as companies. Great selection of 2D and 3D parts and assemblies


Design Guides

Machinery Handbook - You can buy newest edition of the book but here is an older version.


Tolerance Stack Up Analysis

Cetol - Tolerance analysis software that integrates with most major CAD programs

ADV/DM - Stand alone stackup software toolset that runs in Excel

SymphonyTech - Guide to tolerance stackup analysis with examples

Types of Analysis - Paper on different tools for analysis

Symbol Application Guide - GD&T symbols. Guide on symbols and usage


Screws and Threads

Imperial Tap Selection - Imperial tap and drill size reference chart

Metric Tap Selection - Metric tap and drill size reference chart


Plastic Material Selection

MatWeb - Searchable material property database. See data sheets and mechanical and chemical properties of many materials

Curbell Plastics - Nice layout of common plastic materials and important properties. Good starting place to find the category of plastic

Engineering Plastics Material Selection - Good document for understanding plastic mechanical and thermal properties and how they can affect your product

Cole-Palmer - Chemical compatibility information on most materials  


Metal Material Selection

MatWeb - Searchable material property database. See data sheets and mechanical and chemical properties of many materials

Cole-Palmer - Chemical compatibility information on most materials  

Bosun Supplies - Breakdown of all the different types of stainless steel

Material Weldability - Quick list of weldability of many metals


3D Printing

3D Printing Explained - Learn about all the different types of 3D printing

3D Printing Industry - Website for the latest news about 3D printing  


Injection Molding

Mold Technology Series - Information about mold making. Good to read through to understand the complexities of molds

Basics on Injection Molding Design - Information about injection molding and part design


Circuit Board Design

ElectronicDesign - Quick overview of PCB Design

PCB Artist - Free PCB design layout software

Omni Circuit Boards - Best practices for PCB design and tips to keep costs down

SnapEDA - PCB footprints and electronic parts to accelrate your board design process


CNC Machining

CHC Cookbook - Good basics on on CNC techniques and information

G-Wizard - Feeds and Speed calculator. Free Trial

Cutting and Milling Tools - Selection of presentations and videos to help select correct cutter and milling tools




FCC -   Federal Communications Commission is a  United States regulator that controls EMC requirements, Radio Requirements and Telecoms Requirements

OSHA - Occupational Health and Safety Administration

FDA - Food and Drug Administration -



SCC - Standards Council of Canada

ICES - Interference Causing Equipment Standard

IC - Industry Canada


Certifications and Testing Standards

Country Approval Requirements - List of all approvals and requirements for countries around the world.

ACTA Certification

FCC Certification - Required for RF devices with that can potentially interfere with other devices

CE Declaration of Conformity

CE Declaration of Conformity - Basic information on certification that is required for almost all goods to be sold in the EU

Declaration of Conformity Template Method - Information about creating a declaration of conformity and templates to get you started

IC Certification

IEC - International Electrotechnical provides the international standards and assessment of conformity for electrical and electronics

IECEE - IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components

UL Certification

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

ISO - International Organization for Standardization

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

RoHS - Restriction of Hazardous Substances


Hardware Incubators / Accelerators

Lemnos Labs - Normally first outside capital in. Based in San Francisco. $250k-1M investment

Bolt - Has both Boston and San Francisco offices. Invests $100k - $500k. On site prototyping capabilities

Greentown Labs - Based in Boston with a focus on Clean Tech

Lab IX - Flextronics lead incubator based in Milpitas with a focus on young companies. $500k investment

Highway 1 - PCH International’s presence in the incubator space. $50k investment with office space and machine shop in SF


Medical Device Incubators / Accelerators

The Foundry - Med Device incubator in Silicon Valley

BayLink - Another medical device incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley


Meetup Groups

Hardware Massive - Many different chapters around the world

SF Hardware Startup Meetup - Over 5000 members in San Francisco


Crowdsource Funding for Your Business

Kickstarter - Crowdfund your almost any project. All or nothing

Indiegogo - Allows for different types of capital campaigns

Fundable - Selective Crowdfunding platform


Fundraising Platforms

Crowdfunder - Online investor network

AngelList - One of the largest angel investor networks

Gust - Large investor network


Startup Events

LAUNCH - Many different events throughout the year including including their large Festival and Scale

TechCrunch Disrupt - Held in many different locations around the world

South by Southwest - SXSW is probably the largest startup focused event in the world


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