Die cutting is used to make precision cuts on thin materials. A die is created in the shape desired. By pressing down the die down, it shears the material to create the desired shapes. This can be used on a variety of materials including: 

  • Sheet Metal
  • Paper
  • Stickers and labels
  • Rubber
  • Plastics

The process can take place at high speeds using a rotary die. Rotary die cutting has a cylindrical head with multiple cutting surfaces. The material is fed at the same rate as the rotation of the die head. This ensure that the cuts line up with any printing on the material. Vision systems can be incorporated for additional insurance that the die cutting surface and the printed materials are oriented correctly before being cut. Rotary dies cost more than the flatbed dies so typically they are only incorporated for higher volume projects. 

The die cutting process has become so accurate, that it is able to cut through just a single layer if multiple are present. This allow for it to be used to make stickers, labels and other type of peel off products. 



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Top Die-Cutting Vendors of 2015

  1. Cellotape Incorporated
  2. Hoosier
  3. Boker's Inc
  4. Peridot Corp

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