Centerless grinding in manufacturing requires precision in the technical aspects plus superb quality control. How do find the best company to do the services your job requires. And further, will that company perform on schedule with your product, have excellent communication and consulting skills, and the pricing is right? It'd be best to see in advance how a company performs on these metrics. The manufacturer supply chain vendor reviews posted on our site are critical, frank opinions and insights written by actual customers of the companies. The reviews include star ratings that cover overall performance, speed, price and quality. Plus other measurement tools you’ll find immensely helpful in your sourcing strategy. With this quality of knowledge you can make an informed decision on which manufacturing company to start talking to. 

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About Centerless Grinding

Centerless grinding allows for rapid rounding or out of round parts with high accuracy. This is great for high volume production of cylindrical specimens. Since it doesn not involve any chuck or holding of either end of the part, it is able to be automated with a feeder to product many parts quickly. One key factor to have sucessful parts is the setup. Finding the best centerless grinding shop for your needs is critical. 

How does it work? 

A part is place between a abrasive wheel and a regulating wheel. The grinding wheel moves at a very high rpm while the regulating wheel ensures that the part does not rotate to match the speed of the grinding wheel. As the part moves through the wheels, a large surface area is able to be machined at the same time. This is unlike a lathe which has a single point of contact. The part will rotate at a controlled rate as it passes through allowing for the entire surface to be machined. 

Advantages of centerless grinding

  1. Part doesn't have to have a center hole or be attached to a chuck
  2. Able to handle high volume of parts quickly
  3. If set up properly, has some of the best roundness and surface finish of any machining
  4. Able to quickly make out of round parts round

Used on anything from bowling balls to cylidrical rodes, this methoding of grinding is very versatile. If you have high volume, spherical or cylindrical parts that need to be round, then consider centerless grinding for your manufacturing process. 



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VendOp Centerless Grinding awards

Top Centerless Grinding Vendors of 2016

  1. Peridot Corp
  2. MicroGroup

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