As the purchasing manager or supply chain point person for your manufacturing company you’re tasked with sourcing an electropolishing services company for a new product in the pipeline. Part of your sourcing strategy is how to determine if a company can actually provide all the technical, knowledge, delivery and pricing requirements for your job. Obviously, objective reviews written by actual customers of the company would be very helpful. That is what our site offers as a powerful means of performance evaluation and vetting. The electropolishing services reviews below are the only online performance measurement tools and commentary done by companies which have used the vendor of supplier company. What you read is actual experience and ratings from their usage of the manufacturer company—and they are frank and forthcoming. You get a very insightful snapshot into how the firm performed. With this knowledge your next steps or recommendations are that much easier.

We value your insights. Please participate by writing critical reviews of any firms you’ve worked with as vendors or suppliers. This furthers all sourcing knowledge in business to business relationships.

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What is electropolishing?

Electropolishing is a technique to achieve a great surface finish on metals. By exploiting the nature of conductive nature of metals, complex shapes can be finished quickly and cheaply. The workpiece is placed in a temperature controlled bath filled with any electrolyte. The part itself serves as the anode during the process. As current is passed through the anode, a chemical reaction occurs on the surface causing it to oxidize. Basically the surface of the part is dissolved, ion by ion. As the process is continued, the rough parts that stick out for the metal part react the quickest. The result is smooth uniform surface without any mechanical machining. 

This technique can result in mirror like finishes without any smearing or residual machining lines. The surface finish is one of the best that can be achieved. Electropolishing can also increase the corrosive resistance to many materials. When looking for an electropolishing vendor, consider they carefully. While many companies offer electropolishing as a secondary operation, choose a company which has both the equipment to handle your needs and the knowledge and experience to do the job properly.



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  1. Cal Weld

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