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About Cal Weld

Cal Weld is a leader in the design and manufacture of precision high purity equipment, sub-systems & components. We provide a broad spectrum of welding, machining, integration and engineering services for products ranging from simple parts to complex systems. Cal Weld serves many industries, with particular concentration on high technology segments including semiconductor, solar, nanotech, MEMS, bio-med, defense, aerospace, research and alternative energy. We specialize in taking products from prototype through production, and every stage in between. Cal Weld strives to become a seamless extension of our customers engineering, manufacturing and quality organizations. Customers' satisfaction and excellent service are our highest priorities.

Welding and machining experts, great for small scale products such as endovascular medical devices

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

Cal weld specializes in welding on smaller devices and because of such we have been using them as a vendor to help us with our spot welding process in house. They have expertise in working with nitinol, stainless, and aluminum and have been able to help us incorporate a welding process that we can reliably use for in-house production. They are located in northern california but they will travel anywhere and help you set something up in house or if you're local you can always stop by their shop to see what kind of work they do. Their pricing is very fair I'd say and I have always been happy with the quality of work that they provide whether it be in house expertise or ordering lots that they do at their own facility.

Strengths: welding, customer service, medical device expertise

Needs to improve: none

Cal Weld expert machinists

Quality, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 3 / Quality 5

We have used Cal Weld for our cnc needs. They are experts in CNC in metal and plastic which is very useful for us since we can use them for both services. They are very quick and their service is second to none. I have always been pleased with the final product that we have received from them. We mostly use them for prototyping medical devices or for fixtures that we need in our assembly line. They are a little bit on the expensive side but what machinist isn't? They get their job done and they get it done quickly without any questions. You can rely on them to come through on their word. I have no problems recommending them to others and will continue to use them for years to come.

Strengths: cnc metal, cnc plastic, custom product, customer service

Needs to improve: none

High Quality Electropolishing for Series 300 SST

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 5

We use Cal Weld for electropolishing (EP) facility of some of our stainless steel tubes. Their process was able to take the stainless steel tubes and remove burrs, smooth any imperfections, brighten and passivate - parts ended up with a highly glossy surface. Their process works for 300 series Stainless Steels, including 301, 303, 304 & 316, and satisfies ASTM B 912-000 and SEMI F19d. They are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for - high quality. Their customer service is very knowledgeable and helpful when it come to explaining the whole process - we will continue to use in the future.

Strengths: - product quality - customer service - turnaround time - accurate quotes

Needs to improve: none

Quality Service and Competitive Prices!

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Cal Wed has been a trusted vendor of ours for many years now. We have purchased plastic moldings for our medical assembly lines. We have also contracted them out for services in which we could not do in house. They were very professional and accurate with all of their measurements and the overall project. Customer service was always a plus as they provided trustworthy answers and competitive/fair quotes.

Strengths: We consider them a trustworthy company because of their professionalism and excellent customer service. The purchasing process for sheet metal was made easy with any of the customer service reps we spoke to. Cal Wed provided excellent services that went above and beyond the call of duty.

Needs to improve: None.

Quality Products

Customer Service, Consumer Products

Speed 3 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We began working with Cal Weld during the testing phase of our latest product offering. We wanted to ensure that we got ahead of any quality issues and worked with Cal Weld to address some of the parts we thought were of concern. They not only did a great job of addressing point we had brought up, but they used their expertise in the industry to bring up issues we had not thought about. This alone saves up a great amount of money in future quality failures in our product. Cal Weld is a true professional in the industry. I would recommend giving them a chance.

Strengths: Testing, machining

Needs to improve: None

Quality Welding Company

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Cal Weld provides many services from welding, bending, forming all the way to machining,Testing Services to engineering and our company utilizes all of their traits to ensure our company produces the best in mrdical equipment. From our assembly process all the way to our testing & calibration and out the door our final testing. Cal Weld makes sure they provides the best services around.

Strengths: How knowledgeable Cal Weld customer / consumer service reps. are about their products. It ensures that we are buying and receiving quality equipment such as welding processes and equipment along with quality service. The pricing, packaging and selection is never an issue when comparing with other companies

Needs to improve: None

Great vendor!

General Administrative, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Our company contracted with Cal Weld to purchase various plastic and metal fixtures for our assembly process. The team at Cal Weld was very professional and helped us get the exact components we needed. Their price quote was accurate and they delivered their products even faster than they had estimated. They provided us great insight and pointed us in the right direction on future component needs we may have which we also really appreciated. On top of everything, Cal Weld's great pricing will definitely have us coming back for more!

Strengths: accurate quotes, great service, competitive pricing

Needs to improve: none

Excellent Welder

CEO/Owner, Hospitality

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have gone to cal weld for many of our welding and machining processes. They have easily welded and machined many of our metal products, such as when one of our work vehicles blew over in severe wind and cracked many metal parts of it all of which were excellently welded and within a few weeks are vehicle was back in service. I highly recommend them as a welder.

Strengths: Welding at Cal Weld is the most excellent welder around, and is an excellent provider of welding and machining. They additionally have very good prices.

Needs to improve: -None

Quality Company!

Manufacturing, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Our company uses Cal Weld for prototyping medical devices or fixtures we need in our assembly lines. They have high quality dependable products. Cal Weld offers an efficient shipping process with a fast turnaround time. Their customer service team is very knowledgeable and helpful in insuring your order is accurate and correct. You always receive your order in a timely manner. Overall a great vendor to work with.

Strengths: -Wide selection -Excellent service -Quality products -Custom products -CNC Metal -CNC Plastic -Great customer service

Needs to improve: -Set up times are long -Can be a bit pricey


CEO/Owner, Consulting

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Cal Weld has done a variety of projects for our business over the past few years. They have always done a great job custom welding our steel tubes.They have always offered us the best deals around. They have never let us down on any custom bending work we have needed done. There customer care has always helped us when ever we needed to know pricing! We highly recommend these guys.

Strengths: Great customer care!! Fantastic work!! Awesome website layout

Needs to improve: None!

Welding unless possibilities together

Manufacturing, Consumer Products

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We were looking at various material options for our products we came across Cal Weld. We liked what we saw in the pictures and gave them a call and gave them our info and concept. They quickly got us a test piece and from there we made some changes and decided to go with them for our product. We haven't looked back since. Amazing quality and work. Competitive pricing and very supportive team.

Strengths: welding, engineering, machining, bending

Needs to improve: none

Jack of all trades

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 4

Cal Weld offers a wide variety of services. We use their wire bending service. So far so good. They have been very responsive and offer competitive pricing. They are local to the SF Bay Area so that is a plus. Very knowledgeable staff offers many solutions to help save time and sometimes cost. We have always been satisfied with the work that has been done for us.

Strengths: Offers many services, good customer service and sales, good quality

Needs to improve: Pricing

A Nice Vendor to Wok With.

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

No complaints. Meets and exceeds our manufacturing specifications.

Strengths: We use Cal Weld for building some of our plastic and metal fixtures used on our assembly line and our R&D department. Their quality is very good. A reliable source if you are looking for a machine shop. They can be a bit pricey but what you pay is what you get. Their customer service is very knowledgeable and helpful. They are a great vendor to work with.

Needs to improve: None

wow, impressed with you cal!

Sales, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have been using cal weld for our business in the past and now in the present. We have been very pleased with the quality and the mixing products they have to offer. Love their customer service line, they are very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to big orders.

Strengths: perfect customer service, beautiful designs with wide variety, website is easy to navigate and order from!

Needs to improve: none at the moment :)

Great Communication

Operations, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We contracted Cal Weld. because they are one of the leading sources for various plastic and metal fixtures. The expert staff was knowledgeable and explained our options to us. They provided great insight and pointed us in the right direction. We received our shipment on time as promised and was very satisfied with quality. Will use again and refer.

Strengths: customer service, quality, reliability

Needs to improve: none encountered

Top notch welding solutions

Finance/Accounting, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

My startup used Cal Weld for several of our projects. They provided very reliable service and high quality results. The proficiently welded various steel and alloy products based on our specifications. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they had very fast turn around on our projects, allowing us to hit our deadlines.

Strengths: Industry expertise, short lead times, high quality results

Needs to improve: None

very satisfied with the product and services

Purchasing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

customer service and on time delivery

Strengths: The components and equipment we purchase when it comes to assembling small electrical components on the line or in our big machines their equipment are easy to use and great to work with. This company is very helpful and knowledgeable of their products to help completed an accurate order for our company. They are a great vendor to work with

Needs to improve: non

Quality local vendor

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

My company contracted with Cal Weld for help with various plastic and metal fixtures. They products were always high quality and we were always pleased. There customer service staff is very professional and knowledgeable of all of their products. There quotes are accurate and pricing fair.

Strengths: *Quality products *Quality service *Competitive pricing *Trusted company *Local company

Needs to improve: they have none

Great customer service.

Clinical, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

Overall a good vendor to work with. Our experience with Cal Weld has been a great one.

Strengths: Cal Weld offers various services in wrlding, bending and forming. We use Cal Weld for our wire bending and have purchased several plastic and metal fixtures for our company. They have accurate quotes and their staff is very knowledgeable and helpful to their customers.

Needs to improve: None

Very reliable and quality product

Operations, Consumer Products

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We turned to Cal Weld for one of our projects. Provided very reliable service and quality work product. Proficiently welded various steel and alloy products for our monitoring designs. Their customer service was very helpful and they had very quick turn around on our products, allowing us to meet our deadlines on time.

Strengths: value, quality

Needs to improve: none