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About E-Beam Sterilization

E-Beams are a well established method for sterilization. Commonly used for medical devices, food products and more, this sterilization technique provides a fast and reliable method. Electron-beam radiation produces a low penetrating beam  that has a high dose rates. This makes it great for low-density packaged products. 

E-Beam Sterilization Process

An e-beam accelerator creates a high-energy electron beam. The beam is created in a control manner to ensure uniformity. Sterilization takes place by moving the product through this beam at a specified speed.

Initial dose map is created to ensure all parts of the product receive the proper amount of energy during the sterilization process. The energy from the beam is absorbed by the product and alters chemical and biological bonds which will sterilize the product by destroying the DNA chains of microorganisms.. The amount of energy absorbed is called the "absorbed dose". During the process, dosimeters are used to monitor the process and signal and discrepancies or problems during the process. 

Advantages of e-beam sterilization

  1. Very consistent process
  2. One of the fastest sterilization methods
  3. No residual radiation or chemicals
  4. FDA approved method for sterilization


  1. Energy can affect product materials excluding certain products
  2. Takes highly specialized facilities
  3. Can change the color of plastics / colorants
  4. Low penetration rate might limit exclude larger parts

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Top E-Beam Sterilization Vendors of 2015

  1. NUTEK Corporation
  2. Sterigenics Intl

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