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sterilization experts

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 4

We use sterigenics for sterilization for all of the medical devices that we manufacture in house. They have a wide range of sterilization techniques ranging from ETO, Gamma, and e-beam. We have not ever had any issues with their service as they provide us with high quality service in a timely fashion. They do small and large jobs. They have a very close team that pays very close attention to detail there. When done we have never had any issues with our products not meeting sterilization guidelines. If you're in a bind they offer expedited service for extra cost. It is very costly however it is always nice to have that option.

Strengths: eto, gamma, e-beam sterilization

Needs to improve: none that i can think of

A++ vendor!

General Administrative, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Steri Genics Intl has provided our firm with professional sterilization for a variety of our medical devices for a while and we have been nothing but pleased with their services. They have a great sales staff that will provide accurate estimates for the work we need done and Steri comes through. Our products come back in great shape after going through their EO and E beam processes. We have come to rely on them whenever we need these specific sterilization processes and we will definitely continue to do so going forward. Great vendor overall!

Strengths: great service, pricing

Needs to improve: none

Great sterilization partner

Operations, Consulting

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Our company contracts Sterigenics to provide sterilization services in our R&D divisions given their industry reputation for quality control and client service. They offer a wide spectrum of techniques and services ranging from gamma to e-beam. Customer service is always easy to reach and pleasant to interact with. Issues are resolved immediately. Backed by an extremely knowledgeable team, Sterigenics makes every effort to present the most cost effective and suitable application. Accurate quotes, quick lead time and an expert staff make this choice a no brainer. Great firm.

Strengths: knowledgeable staff, customer service, reliability, results oriented, lead time

Needs to improve: none

Sterilization services

CEO/Owner, Pharmaceuticals

Speed 3 / Price 4 / Quality 4

our company uses steri genics for contract sterilization. they have a range of sterilization technologies including EO, gamma, and e-beam. their services are high quality, and they also offer additional value-added services. we have been very satisfied with the results of sterilization they offer. they do the work in a timely manner, they are responsive and they also have a service management team member to oversee the process. they do small and large jobs alike and are able to do custom sterilization projects when needed

Strengths: contract sterilization, laboratory testing, consulting services, supply chain management

Needs to improve: none

Great vendor!

General Administrative, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 2 / Quality 4

Our firm contracts our sterilization process to Sterigenics International and they do a wonderful job for us. They have multiple processes including gamma irradiation and e-beam which we use. As our manufacturing facility is a bit more small scale, we are able to gain efficiency by sourcing out some of our assembly process. Sterigenics has always been reliable, super responsive and been able to turnaround the projects we give them very quickly. Our products come out great and we plan to continue using them in the future!

Strengths: sterilization, lead times

Needs to improve: none

Great Service

Customer Service, Consumer Products

Speed 4 / Price 2 / Quality 4

When we needed lab services we were recommended over to Serigenics International. We had heard that the team and services over there were top tiered and that the team was very knowledgeable. Overall we found all those recommendations to be accurate. We contracted them and their team overall and services overall were exceptional. Their customer service department were always there to answer any questions. Their prices were a bit on the higher side, but the quality of their service made up for the higher cost.

Strengths: Services

Needs to improve: None

Great prodcuts!

Operations, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 3 / Quality 4

Sterigenics was the vendor of our company to provide sterilization services in our R&D divisions for quality control and client service. They had a wide selection for Chemicals and Gamma sterilization which is very helpful. No issues regarding to this vendor and the customer service are Customer service is always helpful and knowledgeable. The shipment is quick and easy while the price is at reasonable cost. Very great quality products that I personally recommend to anyone!

Strengths: knowledgeable staff, customer service, reliability, results oriented, lead time

Needs to improve:

Solid Sterilization!

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Sterigenics is a solid sterilization service provider. Their knowledgeable staff makes working with them a plus. They offer several sterilization services to meet your needs. Delivery times can be tailored to the customers needs. Very reliable service. Sterigenics is widely known in the medical device industry as a solid sterilization house. Customer service is eager and very capable of answering any question or take care of any issues that you may have.

Strengths: Gamma sterilization, quick turnaround, customer service

Needs to improve: None

great for GAMMA, EO and E-Beam sterilization

CEO/Owner, Pharmaceuticals

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

we use Sterigenics for their GAMMA sterilization but they are a leader in this industry for contract sterilization for medical devices and pharmaceutical industries including not only GAMMA but also ethylene oxide (EO) and electron beam (E-beam) techniques. including in our contact with them is access to their global facility network, all of their sterilization technologies, and they offer the best technical and analytical expertise in their industry

Strengths: first in the industry in GAMMA sterilization

Needs to improve: none

Gamma Sterilization

Quality, Medical Device

Speed 2 / Price 2 / Quality 2

If you need to validate your sterilization by irradiation process, you need to know what you are doing or hire someone who knows what they are doing. Relying on the division staff at Sterigenics to do it for you may be dangerous. Hiring Steripro will be expensive and time consuming.

Strengths: Big company with many capabilities

Needs to improve: Staff at division level is not knowledgeable on the requirements for sterilization by Irradiation.

gamma and e beam sterilization

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 4

we have had a good experience with Stergenics Intl. we will be back because they offer great sterilization options for us such as gamma and e beam sterilization.its great when we can get more than one service from a company and its reliable and we know we are getting a great service from them anytime we come to them .

Strengths: gamma and e beam sterilization ,great service over all and dependable company

Needs to improve: no weaknesses

great services

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

we use Sterigenics to sterilize all of our sterilizing needs. They have always been there for us and have always got the job done quickly. We are happy to use them.

Strengths: Sterigenics is close to home, so that's good when we need to have something sterilized parts that we use in house that need to be sterilized. Great customer service and they seem to get it back to you in a timely matter.

Needs to improve: nothing

Efficient and highly recommendable.

Clinical, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Quick turnarounds and reasonable pricing. They do excellent work.

Strengths: We use Sterigenics for sterilization for our medical facility. They are good at what they do and we have never had any issues with them. They are reliable and efficient and easy to do business with. Their customer service is good and we are glad to use them for all of our sterilization needs. Overall a good reliable company.

Needs to improve: None

Good service

Finance/Accounting, Hospitality

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

No issues just really reliable

Strengths: Sterigenics Intl has been a real good use for our company . They have been really easy to work with and has done a real good job. They were very efficient. We had no problem with their work. They are very friendly and get the work done. We are very pleased their work. We will be using them again.

Needs to improve: None

Sterilization services

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 4

We often do engineering builds that require sterilization. Sterigenics has provided quick service for us even on short notice. It is best to plan your sterile runs but be ready to pay for quick turn around. Fast response and good customer service.

Strengths: Quick turns, very convenient due to location, willing to do jobs on short notice

Needs to improve: None

Great vendor!

Operations, Consumer Electronics

Speed 4 / Price 5 / Quality 4

We contract our sterilization work to Sterigenics and have been pleased to date. The support staff is responsively and always quick to address our concerns. Lead time is usually quick but sometimes there are delays (understandable). Wide selection of service offerings, quality customer service and competitive quotes.

Strengths: turnaround time, quotes, customer service and knowledgeable staff

Needs to improve: consistency

A+ vendor reliable trust worthy

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We contracted steri genics for our medical
Device sterilization.
They have quality service that you gonna like and feel safe for.
Great customer service informative and professional approuch.
Ordering is very accurate and easy
Shipping is always fast and reliable
Thumbs up to this
Vendor A+

Strengths: Great service Trust worthy Customer service

Needs to improve: None

High quality sterilization services!

CEO/Owner, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 5

We have contracted Steri Genics for sterilization of certain devices and our assembly line. These guys will save you time and resources in the long run. Hire them and don't do it in-house. Very happy with the results and will continue to use them!

Strengths: Sterilization products and services

Needs to improve: None.

Hands down the best in Gamma

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We LOVE their service! We get product turned around quickly and usually they are always able to accomodate. The Tustin facility is our go-to, along with Corona. I enjoy the people that we work with from there. A real joy

Strengths: turnaround times, ease, customer service

Needs to improve: occasionally sites are busy

Great for sterilization

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 4

Our company has had a great experience we were very satisfied with their help and knowledge ,they definitely did everything we expected with the gamma sterilization ,we will come back in the future because of the great staff and great work

Strengths: Gamma sterilization

Needs to improve: None at all