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About Gamma Sterilization

Gamma sterilization is commonly used in many different industries. Some of the most common are for the sterilization of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The process is completed using gamma irradiation. But what does all this mean and when should you use this technique?

Gamma rays are high energy electromagnetic radiation, much like x-rays just more powerful. The radiation is produced using a radioactive element and then directed at the desired product. This high form of energy requires a low exposure time to be effective. This allows for quick and cost effective sterilization of many different products. 

This process is well establish and has a long history to leverage both for how to implement as well as safety concerns. Many materials are stable enough to be sterilized in this manner as well as the bioburden is susceptible to this radiation. Dose mapping and validation should be completed at the beginning of the process to ensure the correct exposure is being applied to kill all of the contaminates. 

How does gamma sterilization work? 

The high-energy from the gamma rays penetrates living cells resulting in damage to the DNA and other structures within the cell. The effects on the microbes and organisms is both cell death and inability to reproduce and create more cells resulting in they cells extinction within the product. This is all done without imparting any radiation to the part that is exposed as is considered to be a "clean and efficient process." The nature of the gamma rays allows for it to penetrate dense materials to reach all of the biological contaminate both on the surface and within the product. 

When to use gamma sterilization? 

The process is very effective in a large range of products and use cases. It can be employed for anything from single use medical devices to pharmaceuticals including ointments and locations. It is able to sterilize liquids and air tight locations which is not the case for sterilization techniques. If parts have hard to reach components, are in an air tight package, contain a liquid then this is one of the top techniques to consider. 

What are the advantages of gamma sterilization? 

  • Long history of use
  • Able to be applied to liquids and air tight containers
  • Minimal heat produced during the process
  • No residual radiation on the product
  • Cost effective and quick
  • Many top rated companies available to provide the service
  • Reproducible results  
  • Able to be applied to a large variety of materials


  • Can cross-link affect mechanical properties of some materials
  • Changes to product can require re-validation of the process
  • Deeper penetration requires high dosage

Why use a gamma sterilizer?

Companies that have experience with using gamma sterilization bring both expertise in the subject to help you with determining the correct dose for the product as well as having the equipment and safety protocols in place to process your parts in a cost effective manner. The top rated companies have a proven track record for producing quality work and exhibiting exceptional customer service. 


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