Laser Cutting Capabilities

Laser cutting is a fast and cost effective way to make many complex parts if they meet the requirements necessary to employ the technique. While laser cutting is able to cut mild steel up to about 0.75”, both the quality and accuracy decrease with the thickness of the material. In general, laser cutting is best used for thin materials. With the proper material properties and setup, accuracy of 0.001” or better may be achieved.

Unlike EDM machining, the material does not have to be conductive. This allows for plastics, rubbers, wood and more to be laser cut. One of the major limitations to laser cutting is that the material has to be non-reflective. Reflective materials do not cut well using lasers. There are some techniques developed to overcome this issue but do not produce the same results as having the proper material and surface finish to begin with.

As with most of the high tech machining of today, laser cutting machines are typically controlled using CNC. This allows for complex parts to be made accurately and quickly.  

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