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Wire EDM Machining Capabilities

Wire EDM Machining is very unique as there is not physical contact between the machine and the part. Instead, a very thin wire is used as an electrode. By charging the wire to the correct voltage, a spark forms between the wire and the metal being machined. This melts the metal causing the "cut". Because of the nature of the process, only conductive materials can be machined using Wire EDM. Deionized water is used to wash away the cut material and cool the part during machining. This process allows for a wide range of material thicknesses to be machined accurately, from 16" thick down to a thickness of just 0.004". 

Wire EDM shops may have different machines and capabilities. CNC controls are typically used to control the process. They can vary from 3-axis to 5-axis of control. Depending on the features you need to create, the right machine can make the process easy for the shop. Also, the size of the part you need to make is also important. Micro wire EDM machines are able to cut and make very small parts. 

Wire EDM is commonly used to make medical devices, injection molding molds, automotive and aerospace components. 





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