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88 companies to explore for your projects

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Medway, MA

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58 Community Reviews

Speed 4.0 / Price 4.0 / Quality 4.6

"We have used Microgroup hypotube on various projects for medical devices and have been pleased so far of the raw material and quality of work ...read more

West Chester, PA

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57 Community Reviews

Speed 4.2 / Price 4.1 / Quality 4.7

"I order various drawn wire from J Matthey. They have provided quality wire that meets our tight tolerances (+/- 0.0001"). They usually have our items ...read more

Mount Vernon, NY

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43 Community Reviews

Speed 4.4 / Price 4.3 / Quality 4.6

"Sigmund Cohn routinely provides tight tolerance 92 Pt / 8 W alloy wire for our medical devices. The original producer of 92/8 Alloy, Sigmund has ...read more

Westminster, SC

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5 Community Reviews

Speed 3.8 / Price 4.0 / Quality 3.8

"Despite the name, Ulbrich can provide both round and flat wire. I have ordered wire down to .001" round and .005"x.003" ribbon in both stainless ...read more

San Dimas, CA

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8 Community Reviews

Speed 3.4 / Price 3.5 / Quality 3.8

"If you need some springs, Accuwinder Engineering is the place to go. We needed some custom springs manufactured as a component in one of our ...read more

South San Francisco, CA

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19 Community Reviews

Speed 4.5 / Price 4.2 / Quality 4.7

"Our R&D Engineering ahs been dealing with Howard at Control Plastics for years for our injection molding needs. Howard has been able to address all ...read more

Lake Geneva, WI

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2 Community Reviews

Speed 4.0 / Price 4.5 / Quality 4.5

"The r&d lab and facilities purchases springs from this vendor. The springs are precision and durable to keep in shape for most applications. ...read more

Santa Rosa, CA

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3 Community Reviews

Speed 4.7 / Price 4.3 / Quality 5.0

"Excellent abrasive blasting capabilities. Relucent provides stent based surface treatment services that are very consistent. well experienced staff offers alternatives that help in cost reductions. ...read more

La Canada, CA

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14 Community Reviews

Speed 4.6 / Price 4.5 / Quality 4.6

"I have worked with Kevin Frazier and his team on a multitude of projects and continue to do so ever since I started working. He ...read more

Tualatin, OR

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66 Community Reviews

Speed 4.3 / Price 4.1 / Quality 4.6

"Used Precision Wire Components to help develop a custom tungsten wire for our wand assemblies. We supplied them with detailed drawings and they were able ...read more

New Berlin, WI

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10 Community Reviews

Speed 4.6 / Price 4.7 / Quality 4.9

"My company contracts with Associated Spring to source their wide selection of springs that exceeded our expectations. These springs went into the assembly of our ...read more

Pleasanton, CA

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37 Community Reviews

Speed 4.1 / Price 4.0 / Quality 4.6

"Used Peridot to develop a product for high manufacturing, by getting the expertise on Machining, Laser cutting and forming to utilize the best process for ...read more

Fruitport, MI

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31 Community Reviews

Speed 4.2 / Price 4.0 / Quality 4.7

"There are many companies that can perform coil winding and provide springs, but the top reason why I keep going back to Motion Dynamics is ...read more

Venice, FL

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3 Community Reviews

Speed 4.3 / Price 3.7 / Quality 4.7

"Our Engineering department has used Southern Spring & Stamping Inc. as an alternative source for compression spring for our ankle device mechanism in our robot. ...read more

Chaska, MN

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34 Community Reviews

Speed 4.2 / Price 3.9 / Quality 4.5

"We have used Lake Region manufacturing as a vendor to provide us with delivery coils and guidewires for neurovascular purposes. The technology they use for ...read more

Roselle, IL

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12 Community Reviews

Speed 4.1 / Price 4.1 / Quality 4.7

"I used their coil winders and spoolers in the past. The winders are very dependable and can be modified to suit your needs. You can ...read more

Franklin, MA

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33 Community Reviews

Speed 4.4 / Price 4.2 / Quality 4.5

"Tegra Medical offers a wide spectrum of service for anything related to medical device manufacturing. We reached out to Tegra on a collaborative project with ...read more

Fort Wayne, IN

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52 Community Reviews

Speed 4.2 / Price 3.9 / Quality 4.7

"Fort Wayne Metals Research is a great source of raw material metals, tubing and wire. We have used metal wires components the quality is excellent ...read more

Baltic, OH

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4 Community Reviews

Speed 4.3 / Price 4.3 / Quality 4.3

"We had Crawford do some wire forming for us at my previous company. They did a nice job and work alongside our engineers to get ...read more

Palmer, MA

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1 Community Reviews

Speed 3.0 / Price 3.0 / Quality 4.0

"They are very knowledgeable with cold rolling and cold drawing profiled tubings. They are able to specify the material conditions of the Stainless Steel prior ...read more