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Grizzly Industrial Inc Reviews

Quality company!!!

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

Our company uses Grizzly Industrial Inc. to purchase products that value our assembly process on the many medical devices we produce. They have high quality electronic parts that we use in our circuitry and electrical side of our assembly process. The components and equipment we purchase when it comes to assembling small electrical components on the line or in our big machines their equipment are easy to use and great to work with. Their customer service team is very knowledgeable and helpful at ensuring your order is accurate and correct. They have a very efficient shipping process with a fast turnaround time. Overall a great vendor to work with.

Strengths: -Wide selection -Quality products -Efficient shipping process -Great customer service

Needs to improve: No weaknesses.

Quality Equipment

Operations, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We contracted Grizzly Industrial Inc for their high quality tools and metalworking machinery. They provide top of the line equipment at competitive prices. They've got a wide selection of tools. It was easy to browse through products on their website. It was extremely easy to order online. If we had any questions customer service was easy to reach. We appreciated their friendliness and professionalism. They were very accommodating. After the order was placed our shipment arrived on time. The products were exactly what we were looking for. Overall we had a great experience working with them. Will refer to others.

Strengths: quality, wide selection, customer service

Needs to improve: none encountered

Machining tools

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Grizzly has a great catalog of various tools, hardware, Lathes, and measuring tools. We are a design to build medical device manufacturer and sometimes our design requires special one of a kind part so we decided to invest in a bench top Lathe for our parts machining. Very nice compact machine that fits perfectly on a workbench without taking up a lot of work space. They had a quick delivery time on our order and were real helpfull in helping us set it up and dial it in.

Strengths: They have a great selection of lathes.

Needs to improve: None

Quality product and excellent Customer Service!

Manufacturing, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Customer service was excellent. They provided competitive prices with fast shipping. We have faced no problems with any of the equipment we've purchased from Grizzly.

Strengths: Grizzly has been a trusted vendor of ours for years. They offer a vast array of tools that we use on our assembly line. Their products such as the measuring tool we purchase have enabled us to produce a quality product that measures accurately. Customer service deserves an A+ in providing detailed knowledge of every product we asked for. Shipping was fast and easy. More importantly, their products arrived on time.

Needs to improve: None. Couldn't be happier!

Great vendors with great quality products.

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

My company contracted Grizzly Industrial Inc. for their exceptional service and high quality reliable tools, hand tools and metalworking machinery. Their products are always high quality and very reliable. The prices they offer are very competitive and the turnaround time on the orders is always quick and simple. I would highly recommend this vendor to other companys.

Strengths: Outstanding customer service, quick turnaround time and great prices. There variety is extensive, sure to find whatever quality product you need to get the job done. Their customer service is great at giving accurate quotes.

Needs to improve: none

Grizzly bears down on the competition!

General Administrative, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Our firm has sourced various metals configuring tools and drills from Grizzly Industrial and their products have been fantastic for us. They are very easy to use and so reliable that we have not had any issues with them at all. Their service department provides us with the proper guidance to ensure we get the proper tools that will fulfill our needs and their pricing is competitive. We love Grizzly and will continue to use them as a trusted partner.

Strengths: wide selection, great customer service

Needs to improve: none

A yes for assembly and manufacturing plan

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

This company provides us power tools hand tools and more we use their equipments on the daily basis assembly device removing strip screws or broken screws
Their tools is highly efficient on our daily task making our job easy and fast.
They have good product policy like returns or repair which is advantage to us
Ordering is always fast and easy
Shipping methods are very excellent depends on your product orders.
Over all experience is excellent

Strengths: Reliable tools Good products Wide selections

Needs to improve: None

Great Tools!

Sales, Consumer Products

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Our company has ordered numerous tools from simple nail guns to sand machineries for construction department. Their products are excellent - we have not had any issues with them. Their friendly customer service team are knowledgeable and were able to assist us with all of our needs. Grizzly Industrial are very reliable and they were able to trouble shoot any issues with the products. We definitely recommend them as a trusted vendor.

Strengths: Wide Selection, Customer Service, Quick Turnaround

Needs to improve: None

Power tools as always

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 3 / Quality 3

We had a good experience when talking to the staff ,we wanted to make sure they had exactly what we needed to get the job done ,on daily basis we use several different tools in our facility such as hand tools ,they supplied us with those and made sure they met our needs they were polite and dedicated to getting us what we needed .

Strengths: Power tools Reliable Customer service Fast shipping

Needs to improve: No issues at all

Great Products

Customer Service, Consumer Products

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We source various power and measuring tools from Grizzly Industrial and their products have been fantastic for us. They are very easy to use and so reliable that we have not had any issues with them at all. Their customer service department is always very attentive to our needs and ensures we have what we need when we need it and keeps the cost reasonable. I would recommend giving Grizzly a chance.

Strengths: Products

Needs to improve: None

Grrr this place is awesome!

Sales, Construction

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Grizzly has been our vendor for quite some time now, they have great selection in high quality product. Always helped us out for custom orders in the past and never had an issue. Our customers love the quality and performance. Love the comparison videos on their website, and you will see the difference!

Strengths: Very easy website to navigate to- great staff and company - stands by their words for everything.

Needs to improve: none at the moment.

Best Tools!

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

This Grizzly tools are great for assembly line. We use this tools daily to build and rework our medical device. always easy to use and reliable specially when I removed strip screws. I get my job done fast using Grizzly tools. I have been working with this tools since day one I started my job doing assembly and I never had any issues.

Strengths: reliable equipment, Good quality and the best customer services.

Needs to improve: n/a

Grizzly Industrial Inc! Great Quality Products!

CEO/Owner, Construction

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

At my construction company we have been going through Grizzly for years! They have always given us high quality tools. Everything is very simple with them! They offer a wide range of product and are known for shipping in bulk! They have always helped me with any sort of issue! There products are built to last for years! I highly recommend them!

Strengths: Great quality tools! Fantastic customer service!

Needs to improve: Website could look cleaner.

Great Tool Supplier

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Grizzly makes and sells quality Machine Tools, Woodworking Tools, Power Tools, and Hand tools. Great Quality for the Value. A great one stop shop. The variety of Machine tools is great. From Small Benchtop Mills to full Floor Mounted CNC machines. The same for metal lathes and wood working equipment. Our prototyping lab has a number of Grizzly tools.

Strengths: Machine Tools, Woodworking Tools, Hand Tools

Needs to improve: None

High quality tools and drills at great prices.

CEO/Owner, Architectural And Engineering

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have purchased various drills and other metals configuring tools from Grizzly in the past. They are very well known in the industry and we were very satisfied with our purchases from them. They came on time, and we use their tools extensively to modify and maintain our assembly line. Great job guys!

Strengths: Reliable high end drilling and industrial tools. Good customer service.

Needs to improve: None.

great company

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have ordered products from Grizzly for our medical devices that we build in our facility. They are of top notch and they always work well.

Strengths: Grizzly has a awesome customer service and also has a great team working with their company. They have a quick turnaround on their orders. Great company to work with and you usually get your order fast.

Needs to improve: nothing

Great selection and value

Operations, Construction

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have found Grizzly to provide a large selection of tools, ranging from woodworking and power tools to machines, and will usually have the tools our company needs for our construction projects. Their products are pretty reliable and good quality considering the price, and staff has been very helpful for any issues we would run into.

Strengths: reliability, quality

Needs to improve: none

Great selection of industrial equipment

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

They have provided a couple of the lathes I have used in the past. Great quality, ran smoothly. Ordering was simple and delivery of the equipment was very efficient and even helped us with installation instructions. Customer service was excellent and provided timely status updates on our order.

Strengths: Quality products, Customer service, Turnaround time

Needs to improve: None

Very reliable manchine shop equipment tools

Purchasing, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 3 / Quality 5

Our machine shop uses this vednor for huge drill presses and other large material working equipment for the inhouse machine shop we have. These are reliable pieces of equipment and get used plenty, and stand up to the abuse! Good quality equipment..

Strengths: High quality machine shop equipment tools

Needs to improve: expensive and long leadtimes

Good communication and reliable.

Clinical, Aerospace

Speed 2 / Price 1 / Quality 4

Friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Overall a company with great tools.

Strengths: We got our quality reliable tools from Grizzly. Their products are durable high quality and reliable.

Needs to improve: No issues.