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About Eagle Stainless Tube

Since 1982 Eagle has been serving the Medical, Aerospace and High Tech Industries.

History of Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.- Eagle was started in 1982 by Bob Bubencik Sr. and Roy Elliot as a distributor of stainless steel tubing, focusing mainly on cut to length and precision-made stainless tube, also supplying standard "off the shelf" sizes and grades. To this day Eagle supplies millions of feet of tubing per year to industry. Over the last four years, Eagle has added titanium, aluminum, copper and solid bar stock to its inventory and expects to provide industry with the same quality and service as it has always expected.

February 1998 Eagle received its accreditation as an ISO 9002 facility. February 2000 Eagle upgraded its accreditation to ISO 9001 - 2000 and attained AS 9100 compliance. January 2002 Eagle committed to a "Six Sigma" initiative and has achieved 1-Black Belt, 4-Green Belts and all employees Yellow Belt status. The commitment is ongoing to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. 2013 - Eagle is ITAR certified.

About Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication, Inc.Products and Value Added Services offered:

Cut to length Precision machining Laser cutting & welding bending Electro-polishing and passivation. Re-draw to specialty & millimeter ...

Eagle Stainless Tube Reviews

High quality SS tubing

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We use Eagle as a supplier of quality SS Hypotubes. They usually have a fast turnaround but there are times when you should follow-up on your PO. They do excel at formed metal parts, small coils. The staff has been extremely helpful and often will try to make it up to you with expedited service at no additional cost if the fault is on their end.

Strengths: SS tubing, cut to length tubing

Needs to improve: Lead times for off the shelf stock could be better

Very cqpable alloy tubing manufacturer

Quality, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 3 / Quality 5

We get nitinol and stainless hypo-tubing from Eagle. We are also currently working with them on developing a complicated process involving machining edges on a multisided coil. Their technical expertise is really showing because we were not sure if this was even possible.

Strengths: Eagle provides very high precision alloy tubing as well as high precision CNC machining and wire EDM. They provide off the shelf tubing in a wide range of sizes and dimensions as well as custom tubing.

Needs to improve: Very expensive

Good hypo supplier for prototyping

Manufacturing, Military / Law Enforcement

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

I have ordered small quantities of hypotube from Eagle countless times. They have a decent online catalog that allows for easy searching of their stock, and good customer service by phone as well. I haven't used their product for actual product, but I don't see why you couldn't. Shipment is always fast and orders are correct. Excellent prototyping resource.

Strengths: SS hypotube

Needs to improve: None that I have found

Great company to order stainless hypotube.

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We had purchase their stainless steel tubing when we need something quick. They have decent on line catalog with good pricing. Quick phone call to get help with what we can't find in catalog. The order usually arrive sooner than original shipment date.

Strengths: Quality stainless steel tube. Affordable pricing with on line order and helpful phone customer service it needed to talk to them.

Needs to improve: None

Decent choice for tubing components

Finance/Accounting, Medical Device

Speed 1 / Price 2 / Quality 4

My start up uses Eagle to order custom thin wall stainless steel tubing for our medical devices. Customer service team is helpful and knowledgeable. They have a wide selection of product offerings that are of high quality standards. Our only major issue has been that at times orders get backlogged and can lag in delivery time. Pricing could improve as well. Overall we were decently satisfied.

Strengths: Reliable product, great customer service, wide selection

Needs to improve: Long lead times, pricing

Fast shipping on point

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We contracted this company for one of our projects we order customs tubing to set on our experiment testing/prototype
Their customer service is very professional listing to us and giving us ideas
Specs and what not to do
Ordering process might take a while but they assure you to get the right order
Shipping is always fast and reliable
Always arive in perfect condition

Strengths: Reliable Customs Great service

Needs to improve: None

Custom and standard stainless steel tubing

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 3

We have ordered custom thin wall stainless steel tubing. Customer service is helpful and we got the order on time. When we ordered standard in stock stainless steel tubing, it talks a while to get a quotation and just OK customer service this time around. We got the tubing on time.

Strengths: Great custom and in stock stainless tubing. Competitive pricing.

Needs to improve: Just Ok customer service.

great vendor

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Awesome vendor to work with, their staff perform like a well oiled machine. Everyone on their team knows their roles. Everyone is super knowledgeable and helpful. They are able to do what it takes to meet your needs. They are able to get top notch materials and do equally well with their manufacturing. Accurate and reliable services. Highly recommended vendors.

Strengths: high quality components

Needs to improve: none

Stainless Steel Tubing Supplier

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

I've ordered many different hypotubes from Eagle Stainless. They do custom sizes as well as cut to length pieces. Good quality metal tubes. Good customer service and a staff that pays attention to detail.

Strengths: Good source for getting hypotubes and fractional hypotubes. They also provide machining services

Needs to improve: None so far

Great customer service department

Purchasing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Supplier of metal tubing with micro diameters for product development usage. Good quality metal and reliable diameter sizes are the reasons we use this vendor. Engineers like this vendor because of the customer service group and the ease of doing business.

Strengths: Reliable quality metal tubing

Needs to improve: None I can recall

Hypotubes and small metal parts.

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

I've used Eagle for formed metal Tubes and small cut to length parts. Quality has always been good. I've also purchased their 304SS hypotube. Pricing is competitive. At times they have had the best pricing on Hypotubes other times not.

Strengths: Hypotube and formed metal tubes

Needs to improve: None


R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Accurate Quotes, Custom Product, Customer Service, In house expertise, Large Volume, On Time, Prototypes, Quick Turnaround, Small Volume

Strengths: Eagle has a good capability of precision-made stainless tube, also supplying standard "off the shelf" sizes and grades cut to length

Needs to improve: none so far

Hypotube by the mile

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

Eagle has a large, searchable hypotube catalog, and if you can't find what you are looking for there, their customer service group is great by phone too. Fast shipping and a lot of option in stock.

Strengths: Hypotube

Needs to improve: none

high quality hypo tube

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 5

Great vendor for SS hypotube. They provide a very high quality product. I got some pre cut tube form them. All the parts were dead nuts to specs and were clean. Good operation.

Strengths: SS hypotube

Needs to improve: none

Large Stock of Standard & Non-stander Hypotube

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

I have used Eagle extensively to purchase small quantities of hypotube for prototyping and production. They have many standard and non-standard sizes and can usually turn orders around quickly.

Strengths: Large catalog of in-stock hypodermic tubing

Needs to improve: none

excellent supplier of hypotubes

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

We order different types of tubing from Eagle Stainless. They always provide us with good quality tubing. Staffs are very helpful and knowledgeable with their product.

Strengths: good quality metal tubing supplier

Needs to improve: none

Great quality hypotubes

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

We order different types of hypotube from Eagle Stainless. They can customize orders depending on what customer wants. Excellent quality product.Staffs are really nice and helpful.

Strengths: Excellent source for hypotubes

Needs to improve: None


Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Very pleased with the online as well as the phone catalog services. They were very helpful and I was extremely pleased with my orders

Strengths: Outstanding customer service, huge inventory selection

Needs to improve: Nothing

custom tubing

Customer Service, Construction

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

We use eagle tubbing at work they have good products and even do custom products

Strengths: Eagle tube has great stainless tubbing at a goos price

Needs to improve: Ive found ni weaknesses with eagle

SS Hypotubes and small formed parts

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

Quality supplier of SS Hypotube. They excel at formed metal parts, small coils. They also can custom end form hypotubes.

Strengths: Hypotube, Formed Tubes and small metal parts

Needs to improve: None