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Johnson Matthey Inc Reviews

Best for Markerbands

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 4 / Quality 5

I have mainly used JM to supply Pt/Ir makerbands used in catheter manufacture. They have a substantial quantity of bands in stock, and can make just about anything that you need. They used to be quite free with the samples, but have tightened that practice up in recent years as the price of PT has risen.

JM can also supply nitinol tubing and can peform shape setting operations (via heat treatment).

Strengths: supplier of precious metal marker bands and nitinol tubing

Needs to improve: Ordering process can be cumbersome

Supplier of drawn wire

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 4 / Quality 5

I order various drawn wire from J Matthey. They have provided quality wire that meets our tight tolerances (+/- 0.0001"). They usually have our items on the shelf and ship quickly. Sizes that are not in stock have a long lead time so plan accordingly. Good customer service explains everything up front before you order so there are no surprises. Highly recommended.

Strengths: Drawn wire, decent turnaround, good customer service

Needs to improve: Long lead times for non-stocked items

Johnson Matthey

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 5 / Quality 5


Strengths: Johnson Matthey has extensive capabilities in processing of precious metals. What capabilities they don't have, they can find through their extensive network of contract manufacturers. Their local sales rep is extremely attentive and insightful.

Needs to improve: We send them a significant amount of work for both production and prototyping. This does occasionally impact delivery times. However JM is very proactive in procuring new machinery when needed to anticipate our demand to minimize delays.

Johnson Matthey Review

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Johnson Mathey is our main provider for marker bands. We didn't have any issue with the Marker band that we order even with the tight tolerance too. They always makes the parts per drawing specification.

Strengths: Supplier for precious metals, alloys, Nitinol

Needs to improve: None standard size too long time to delivery or fabricate

Precious Metals

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 2 / Price 3 / Quality 5

Always go to them for platinum components. Pretty much the only ones that specialize in small precious metal parts for medical industry. They missed their promised delivery dates several times for my orders.

Strengths: They are experts in providing small precious metal parts.

Needs to improve: They're turnaround times are not always accurate.

Decent choice for machining but overpriced

Finance/Accounting, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 2 / Quality 3

My start up uses Johnson Matthey for prototyping since they provide the largest selection of precious metal marker bands and chemical preps. They are a good supplier for stock sizes since the turnaround is decently fast. Their staff is knowledgeable and offer good insight. However their pricing is comparable to more high end vendors and it is not warranted for the average level of work product they produce. Overall we were decently satisfied.

Strengths: Knowledgeable staff, quick turnaround

Needs to improve: High price for average work

Precious Metal Division - Medical Device Components

CEO/Owner, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 4

I've worked with the Johnson Matthey Precious Medal Division, specifically the Medical Group. They have routinely provided quality Platinum and Gold marker bands and Fine Diameter Platinum/Tungsten Wire. Their prices are competitive and quality good. I have also used their precious metal recycling to reclaim the value of the precious metal scrap generated during our manufacturing process. They also have a generous sample policy, sampling up to 10 marker bands per request which is great for prototyping.

Strengths: Quality Medical Device Components, Customer Service, Generous Sample Plan

Needs to improve: None

The most reliable precious metal vendor

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 3 / Quality 3

I like to order precious metal wire from JM although the price is higher than other competitive vendors because of reliable shipment and quality. My contact person different each time I communicate with them, but it is not a big deal because they all are nice and help us to fulfill our needs.

Strengths: Good quality, precious metal. Always ship on time. Good customer service.

Needs to improve: Contact person switch from one person to another often. More expensive than others leading company.

Metal base plates

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We have been ordering from Johnson Matthey for a couple of years now. They currently provide us with our base plates that are essential to our build they are the foundation to our machines that all our hardware and parts connect to. Never had an issue with their product we have always been satisfied with them.

Strengths: Great customer service and a great product as well.

Needs to improve: We have used their base plates for many years now and we have never had an issues with them .

Marker band supplier

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 3 / Price 3 / Quality 4

I've used Johnson Matthey many times for prototyping since they normally carry the largest selection of precious metal marker bands. They are a good supplier for stock sizes since the turnaround is decent and pricing is on par with competitors. Their lead times could be improved for custom orders though, especially for the first few initial runs. Best to just order a lot

Strengths: Precious metal tubing, marker bands, quick turnaround for off the shelf parts

Needs to improve: Long lead time for custom marker bands

Precious Metal fine wire supplier

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

Johnson Matthey is one of the industry standard precious metal manufacturers. We have used JM's precious metal fine wire components. Their quality is excellent and customer service is superior. Their technical knowledge on precious metal fabrication is unmatched and have relied on their expertise to determine the appropriate precious metal alloys required to match our product requirements. Their prices were slightly more expensive, but the reliability in their quality is worth it.

Strengths: Precious metal wires, customer service, quality product

Needs to improve: Price, leadtimes

excellent quality metal

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

we use Johnson Matthey services on a regular basis for our base plate manufacturing needs. their metal is some of the most durable I have ever used in my career hands down. it never rusts and keeps its shine over many years. we install their metal base plates in our dialysis machines on a daily basis and they have always been excellent quality. A+

Strengths: excellent quality durable base plates reliable vendor good shipping rates

Needs to improve: no weakness

A good start for raw material needs

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 5 / Quality 4

We used Johnson Matthey for platinum marker bands, however, moved to another source because they weren't great with customization. At the time they provided a good selection of catalog sizes, but couldn't spec them down to size, so we did the customization in-house until we found another supplier. This a good place to start for marker bands and other raw materials.

Strengths: Quick

Needs to improve: Customization is limited

A go to company 5stars

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

This company provides as raw metals to build our device also gives us easy way to make any customs on our device
this company is very reliable and very professional their staff is always helpful and direct to the meaning no side tracks. Highly knowlegeble and friendly
Shipping and handling always arrives on time and in excellent conditions
A go to company 5stars

Strengths: Good product Good customs Good service

Needs to improve: None

great quality product

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We go to Johnson Matthey when we need a certain wires, cables, and raw material-metal . They have everything you will ever need. Their service is also fast and prices are very competitive. Their customer service department is also very knowledgeable in ensuring that our needs will be met with their product. We would definitely recommend Johnson Matthey to anyone.

Strengths: high quality product and good customer service

Needs to improve: no weakness

Very high quality precious metals and alloys for medical device use

Purchasing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 3 / Quality 5

We have purchased various precious metals, alloys, plastics from this high quality supplier. JM offers raw metals along with many other products and services for our medical device industry. These metals and plastics are mainly used in our R&D Dept for new product development. We have an in house machine shop to help work the raw material.

Strengths: Very high quality precious metals and alloys

Needs to improve: Expensive for raw metals

Good supplier of wire

Manufacturing, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 4 / Quality 5

We order spooled wire from JM. They are our go to supplier with good customer service. They provide high quality product that always meets our specifications. Lead times can be lengthy so plan accordingly. Pricing is based on market value of whatever metal you are ordering. They are very reliable and a trustd supplier.

Strengths: High quality precious metal wire supplier, good customer service

Needs to improve: Lead times can be lengthy

Great source for tubes and components

Operations, Consulting

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We procured various tubing components from Johnson Matthey and were pleased with the overall experience. Quality products that were reliable and time tested. Customer service was top notch as their knowledgeable staff ensured that all of our questions were addressed immediately. Accurate estimates and quotes, reliable shipping and realistic lead time. Quality service and follow up.

Strengths: product quality, reliability, customer service, turnaround time

Needs to improve: none

Excellent quality and customer service

Quality, Medical Device

Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5

We purchase a huge amount of platinum wire Johnson Matthey. The quality and customer service is outstanding. Their deliveries on time. In the 10 plus years that we have been purchasing platinum wire from JM, we have never had any major problems.

Strengths: Johnson Matthey has a very wide range of capabilities in the fabrication of precious metals, alloys, Nitinol and engineered plastics.

Needs to improve: None

Metals supplier

R & D / Engineering, Medical Device

Speed 4 / Price 5 / Quality 5

Ordered some marker bands and other precious metals from JMT. Worked with customer service to get the right parts for our applications. Customer service was patient and walked me through the various options before placing the order.

Strengths: Wide array of metal products offered; very knowledgeable in precious metals

Needs to improve: lead times can be improved for non-stock items